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Washing Machine

Semi automatic washing machine by LG cleans your clothes just like dry cleaners would do. It has a 3+1 washing program which is customized for the wash of all types of fabrics. With every wash, the durability of your garment remains and maintains. Along with a Strong/Normal/Gentle wash feature, it even has a soak feature for an improved wash quality. The air drum works on the mechanism of sucking in air and throwing a blast of air on the clothes inside. This keeps the clothes bacteria- free without any odor and dries them faster. You don’t have to use any hands to remove those stains as it comes with a collar scrubber that removes all the dirt from the collars and cuffs. This is a time-saving home appliance which is a must in your home.
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Created Time: 07 Oct 2019
Updated Time: 07 Oct 2019
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