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Mini table lamp can be used for computer keyboard lighting at night; with LCD display, it can display date, time, temperature and so on.
The pen holder function; it can hold pens, rulers and other common office supplies. When the faucet is opened, the water in the aquarium can be circulated, so that the fish is no longer deprived of oxygen.
The fish tank has its own water pump, the water circulation, and the faucet can add oxygen when watering. The open type greatly enhances the supply of oxygen in the cylinder.
With the fish and vegetable symbiosis intelligent circulation system, you just need to start the power to start the siphon to simplify the breeding operation
5 major functions (clock, calendar, alarm, pen holder, small aquarium), with beautiful appearance and meticulous workmanship, the working class also enjoy the fun of fish farming. if you want to buy please call us: 8 free home delivery

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Created Time: 14 Jul 2019
Updated Time: 18 Mar 2020
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