Maha Shikhar Vati is a proprietary ayurvedic composition to enhance, price: 4000 NPR in category Other - Kathmandu

Maha Shikhar Vati is a proprietary ayurvedic composition to enhance

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your height most naturally. It is a tested cure extremely suitable for all those who have tried almost every kind of treatment to boost height but, in vain. The treatment lets you grow taller, regardless of the age & other factors. Maha Shikhar Vati falls under the category of historic science of life, Ayurveda and it is 100% non-toxic. It is suitable for both males & females.

Scientifically, our spine is composed of 24 vertebrae that encapsulate soft pads (discs) between them. The width of these discs ultimately decides the growth of your height. Maha Shikhar Vati stimulates these discs to grow thicker in the most natural way which further attributes to raise height up to 7 inches!

Maha Shikhar Vati comprises all-natural extracts, blended after comprehensive research, suitable climate & as per the quantity recommended by the best ayurvedic experts. if you want to Buy please do order: 8,8 free home delivery

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